Marcy Benner and Kari Giordano (Owners; Virginia Wolf NYC)
Coming from a long line of strong independent women, sisters Marcy and Kari both shared a dream of starting a brand that would inspire women.
Having spent over a decade owning a boutique, they knew that they wanted to connect with their customers and deliver well constructed products that would spread good energy. In 2015, they took a leap of faith and started Virginia Wolf NYC, an accessories brand inspired by positive energy and love, sold in their boutique in New Jersey. Fixated on spreading kindness and positivity, their first products were wraps (The Multi wear Wrap collection), beautifully designed with positive sayings. Customers that came into their boutique immediately took to the wraps as they added that necessary finishing touch to their outfits and also made them feel special.
 Spreading goodness and beauty through fashion and design is the mission behind Virginia Wolf NYC. Beautiful prints, positive words and fun colors make up the backbone of the brand.  The brand's big break came after the Multi Wear Wrap collection captured the attention of bloggers and the fashion conscious who fell in love with how unique and well crafted the pieces were. What started as a dream blossomed into a woman-owned accessories brand, now sold in over 80 stores worldwide from Dubai to NYC. 

11 years ago, the sisters started a charity in their late father’s name, to give deserving students college scholarships. 

Each year, one style is selected and a portion of the sales of that product is donated to the foundation.